205 Roxbury St.

Art Deco

William Dyer and Co.


The Timilty Middle School is named for James P. Timilty, a lifelong resident of Roxbury, who served on the Boston Board of Aldermen in 1908 and 1919 and State Senate from 1911-1917. Original plans called for the demolition of the 18th century, Dillaway-Thomas House right next door. The efforts of the Roxbury Historical Society saved the historical dwelling. The plans were rearranged so the school was built around the Dillaway Thomas House.


The Timilty Middle School is one of the few Art Deco building in the district, evident in the brickwork and vertical grouping of windows above doors and especially in the interior auditorium.


The Timilty enrolls 690 6-8 graders. A Two-time winner of the National Award for Excellence, the Timilty offers within a longer school day, Project Promise an innovative program of learning, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese , chorus, instrumental instruction, and opportunities to stay healthy and fit.


Boston Landmarks Commission: Building Information Form

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